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First Look and Review of Nick’s Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library!

Screenshot of the film, provided by Nick.
Books can take you anywhere. The open doors, allowing us to escape the ordinary and seek out the extraordinary.
To be fair, even though books being recognized as such a linchpin for worlds of wonder. They aren’t always the only way we get to learn, explore new worlds, grow and sometimes fall in love. Any story told no matter the medium has proven more than capable of that.
There’s nothing more powerful and enchanted then a good story. One that leaves an impact on you well after the stories ended. Characters that you know you embody and adore to no end.
But sometimes we all kind of take that advantage. How powerful stories and even characters can be. And now even something seemingly mundane as a library. Well even it can be thrilling and heat pounding.
So where I am I going with this? Talks about stories, characters and libraries. As amazing as each is in their own right, when they are brought together some crazy things can and will happen.
Like in Nickelodeon’s new television film Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Biased from the children novel of the same name pended by author Chris Grabenstein. Almost a year ago, I first wrote about how this film was in production. Now, a year after the fact the film is making waves on Nick on Monday, October 9th.

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