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It Truly is a Duck-blur (Recap on Ducktales News)

ducktales key visua

Life is like a hurricane in Duckburgh- but really, would we want that any other way?!

If there is one thing that I have never counted myself as, is that of a optimist.  Yet when it comes to the upcoming reboot of “DuckTales”, I have been nothing but purely optimistic. As highly out of character as that is.

But it has been clear since the start that this was a reboot driven by passionate people who are going and giving it their all. I would not even be shocked to think that everyone involved with the new series has their own personal stories that link back to the original animated  series, if not the source material comics.

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DuckTales’ Voice Cast Released

Yes, in short I am basically blogging every major and minor detail regarding the new upcoming reboot of “DuckTales”.  And from the looks of Twitter as I write this, I am far from the only one going duck-blur over the upcoming summer 2017 series.

Following last week’s first new visual and teaser. Plus Funko’s announcement that a wave of Disney Afternoon series “DuckTales” and “Darkwing Duck” would be released sometime in the coming year. It has been a truly fantastic week and half.

Despite yet seeing the character actually animated, there has been rather critical part of the production that we had not heard anything of. In short, the voice cast.

Back in May of last year, when I first did my big write up on the then off-in-the distant reboot over on BSCKids. I made specific note of the voice cast.

As on March twenty0-third of 2015 it came to light from Terry McGovern -voice of Launchpad McQuack in both DT and DW- that he had not been asked to reprise his role as the pilot. Nor would any of the original cast members.

It was a fact that I quickly disliked- after all at least give them the choice to return to the characters they helped bring to life. As a the massive fan I am of the series it is hard to image anyone else but that voice cast taking over for the characters I love so dearly.

The fact that none of them will keep their chapter going has been one that has stuck at the back of my mind. And as more and more details of this new series has come to light the voice cast has been one of my biggest points of wondering. Will they be using other Disney talent? Voice actors that have not worked on Disney properties? There was no way to even try to make a educated guess. So I made no point to. Granted, there was a few voice actors that I did hope I might see join the cast.

Now there is no more questions of who will be behind the mics.

Now not only do we know our main cast’s voices, but we get to hear them sing- and sing nothing more befitting than the series’ iconic theme.

Scrooge McDuck- David Tennan

Huey- Danny Pudi

Dewey- Ben Schwartz

Louie- Bobby Moynihan

Webby Vanderquack- Kate Micucci

Launchpad McQuack- Beck Bennett

Mrs. Beakley- Toks Olagundoye


They do sound good together.

Before I seen this news, I had never heard of any of the new voice cast before. I had seen Toks Olagundoye in “Castle” and in “NCIS” during her appearances. Outside of that, nothing. I am not sure how the characters might sound and how everything; the animation, the writing and voices will mesh together.

But I do look forward to seeing everything fall into place. The only shame- summer is still a ways away.

First Look at Upcoming “DuckTales” Reboot


So, so much fangirling…cannot even. First this bit of news and the latest episode of- well, that is another post.

Last February news broke that Disney’s “DuckTales” was set to be reboot. Since then there has been a continually constant amount of hype for the upcoming series. But since then there has been very minimal outside two visuals.

Now, after a wait that feels like it has been never-ending. We finally get some more solicited details- and a new visual.

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