Chapter One

I keep thinking what kind of clever one-liner I should use to open this. The first one that came to mind is under lock and key so that is no good. So here we are, somewhat awkwardly setting the stage for a new tale.

For someone who has been at this for a while introductions should be no brainers, right? Wrong.

I have to admit, though. I do seriously missing blogging. The feeling of my fingers dashing across the key-board and letting my thoughts and feelings free is one of the greatest sensations I have experienced. With that, and my oh-so awkward nature and camera shy state the idea of starting a YouTube channel was madly dismissed as fast as it came.

Do not get me wrong; YouTube, and moreover, YouTubers are great and all. But for me, well, it would be far from ideal. I am nothing short of Akane (“Castle Town Dandelion”) when it comes to camera’s being drawn. Rushing out of view and hiding from the lenses. Written words always are somewhat comforting. Strange, I know.

So all that long-winded write up was nothing short of me beating around the bush.

So, hi.

It is me, Ella.

Some of you might know me from, back from Winx 4 Life, BSCKids or anywhere else in between. Yes, I am once more having a go at a new blog. Not that long ago I did some minor blogging over at a blog of the same name on Blogger. But somehow it just felt trying working on that platform. I am not sure as to why it is.

Moreover, as you can see I wanted to start anew. So here we are. A new chapter is starting…