“Write what you love, love what you write. Writing is nothing more than dreaming out-loud.”


Hello, and welcome to Authoress’ Wings.

Authoress here. My name is Ella Anders. A perhaps slightly less than normal twenty-one year old that likes to count herself as a writer. But now seven years of ‘formally’ being at this I guess I have earned my title.

I love fiction; stories and the characters that reach our hearts. So you can image that I fall in love- a lot. Ironically, I am far from the romantic type. With novels, anime, western animation, comics, and manga I am always finding myself drawn into a world of wonder.

What can I say, my life is writing all the time. As much as I love others work, I do listen to my own inner voice and spin my own tales. I have spent the past seven years writing and publishing my fan fiction online. And in the middle of that working on my own original series. (I just finished my final first draft of the first book of my main series!!) My dream- to become a published authoress and captivate others with my words.

Despite always and forever being on ‘writer mode’, there is more to me. Fangirl over different fandoms, chatting with my friends online, taking hundreds of photos of my cats, and collecting a mass ton of merchandise from different series (seriously, my Ami box is rarely small.) .

Authoress’ Wings is just that; a combination of writing, fandom love, life and everything in between. I hope you all will fall me on this next chapter.