First Look and Review of Nick’s Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library!

Screenshot of the film, provided by Nick.
Books can take you anywhere. The open doors, allowing us to escape the ordinary and seek out the extraordinary.
To be fair, even though books being recognized as such a linchpin for worlds of wonder. They aren’t always the only way we get to learn, explore new worlds, grow and sometimes fall in love. Any story told no matter the medium has proven more than capable of that.
There’s nothing more powerful and enchanted then a good story. One that leaves an impact on you well after the stories ended. Characters that you know you embody and adore to no end.
But sometimes we all kind of take that advantage. How powerful stories and even characters can be. And now even something seemingly mundane as a library. Well even it can be thrilling and heat pounding.
So where I am I going with this? Talks about stories, characters and libraries. As amazing as each is in their own right, when they are brought together some crazy things can and will happen.
Like in Nickelodeon’s new television film Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Biased from the children novel of the same name pended by author Chris Grabenstein. Almost a year ago, I first wrote about how this film was in production. Now, a year after the fact the film is making waves on Nick on Monday, October 9th.

Like I had said last year, the summary alone had me interested. But then again that could very well be the writer in me and my love of books showing. So you can image my excitement when the good people over at Nick kindly gave me a first look at the film.
And like always, fair warning that spoilers are below. Time to dive in.
Kyle Keely is in a word, obsessed – with gaming that is. But not in the normal oh-so-addicted to his phone or computer. But rather with scavenger-style games crafted by his idol a Luigi Lemoncello. A world-renown game maker that has been making headlines with his grand new library. And to celebrate the grand opening of the new venture. What better way to kick it off with a game that only Lemoncello could create.
After a contest is put into place Kyle sees his dream of meeting his idol. And even the prospect of being the new icon for the Lemoncello brand before him. All he has to do is win one more game. Simple enough for a gamer much like himself.
Kyle, alongside other kids including that of a wide range of his classmates. Best friend Akimi, smart and book loving Sierra. The quirky and well-meaning Andrew and bully Charles. Each one of the is determined to win, but some more than others.
And with their tasks and challenges clearly outlined. Enter each section for the main generas of litature obtain their clue and find the resolve. It seems like it might only be a race of the wits to insure victory.
Until a technical issue in the library throws a wrench into the night. Transforming the game into something wilder and far more dangerous than anyone could have bargained for. And only together might the kids be able to escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s library.
As I have –surprise- yet to actually be able to read the book the film is based on. (Massively back-logged to no end!) I had no idea of any of the specifics of the film outside of the information that was in the press released. But I did enjoy the film and found it endearing. There is something about how the story and characters came across that not only brought you in. But was remising of the feeling that you have when you embrace stories and books.
I would go into more details, but this is a film you are going to want to see for yourselves!
Again thank-you to Nick for allowing me a first look, beyond grateful.
Be sure to tune in and see the escape on Monday October 9th, only on Nick!

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