My Little Pony Enchants With a New After Show

Summer is always full of excitement. And with all the big summer convention season in full swing things are heart-pounding!  Now with San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner there is a lot of excitement to be had for all of our favorites series.
Including that of everyone’s favorite ponies. 2017 so far has been a massive year for the wide world of Equestria and the halls of Canterlot High. But with the upcoming new feature film “My Little Pony: The Movie” coming this fall there is much hype and passion around the series that reminded us all that friendship is true magic.

Even though we have time until the upcoming SDCC and Hasbro’s own first ever convention, HASCON FANmily Event in early September. Hasbro had something thrilling to keep us excited every moment- a new after-show.

This new YouTube after-show perfectly titled that of  “PonyChat”. Hosted by kids who love “Friendship is Magic” brings something new to the table. Including that of behind the scenes look at the series with the story writers, and even their personal perspectives of the series’s themes, character development and the lessons presented in the series.

Check out the first of this six episode mini series below!


I always find it very interesting to see what others think and even analyze  of different series across the various mediums. There is always something about gaining the point of view from someone else that always gets me thinking. And PonyChat does that, I love seeing not only what points where mentioned, but the excitement we seen from the fans in this series. It is truly infectious.


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