It Truly is a Duck-blur (Recap on Ducktales News)

ducktales key visua

Life is like a hurricane in Duckburgh- but really, would we want that any other way?!

If there is one thing that I have never counted myself as, is that of a optimist.  Yet when it comes to the upcoming reboot of “DuckTales”, I have been nothing but purely optimistic. As highly out of character as that is.

But it has been clear since the start that this was a reboot driven by passionate people who are going and giving it their all. I would not even be shocked to think that everyone involved with the new series has their own personal stories that link back to the original animated  series, if not the source material comics.

Back towards mid-May we got even more news about the voice behind on of Duckburg’s finest; Fenton Crackshell. Voiced by actor and playwright and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, we see ourselves face to face with a new version of the beloved character.

In the 80’s series Fenton served as both Scrooges’ trusted accountant, but the city’s robotic hero, Gizmoduck.  But in the new upcoming series, Fenton’s role differs slightly. Fenton Crackshell- Cabrera, now finds himself as a young intern working under Gyro Gearloose. Plus his duties as local hero Gizmoduck.

In addition to the news about Fenton. New character descriptions and designs in addition to their voice cast for  Donald, Gladstone, Gyro, Goldie, Ma Beagle, Flintheart, and new character Mark Beaks.

And in hour of Donald’s  birthday, six minute long shorts featuring our principal cast was released on YouTube and the Disney Channel and Disney XD apps.

Yet as thrilling as that is. Things only have become more heart-pounding, as not only do we now have the key visual, er- promo poster for the series. But we can mark our calendars for the series premier film, effortlessly and brilliantly titled “Woo-oo” will arrive in Disney XD August 12th at midnight and will air for 24 hours straight on the network. In addition to the respective Disney apps.

The main series itself will arrive on the network on September 23rd with two new back-to-back episodes

Oh, and did I mention that we also have the opening sequence released? Because that is live now as well! See for yourself.

And the full version of the newly recorded theme is slated to be release on June 24th!

My mind is nothing short of absolutely blown away, I have attempted to write this post several times, but I have yet to feel like I can completed express my emotions.   I cannot recall being this excited and elated over something, since well, we first got news of “Darkwing Duck” return to comics.

As a long-time and insanely passionate fan this is nothing short of amazing. I can still remember as well when the news broke two years ago that we were getting this reboot and have been stocking every single possible news outlet for details. So now seeing it as a completed phase and knowing that it is so close….surreal.

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