DuckTales’ Trailer Arrives Along With a Second Season Greenlit


“You use to be a big deal, whatever happened to you?”

There have only been a small handful of instances, lines and moments that have hit me over the head. Sending a sensation of surprise and a moment or true realization that is hard to put into words at times.

The most foremost example of this was  being that of “Madoka Magica”. But this one line in the brand-new trailer for the upcoming reboot trailer of “DuckTales” really hit home hard.

And something tells me that I was far from the only one that felt that.

Because in truth, I think everyone thinks that from time to time. The regards of the matter may vary; themselves, someone they knew (or at least though they did), or even in this case, a once beloved series.

It has been a little over two years since Disney broke the news that the beloved 80s series was set to return. And it was not until this past December did we really start to see the frame-work for the new spin on our old friends.

From our first visual of the series to learning who would be voicing the likes of the triplets, Scrooge and company. Things where slowly starting to fall into place for the series that is set to arrive sometime this summer.

Yesterday, March 2nd, at long last we finally got to see everything brought together- the art-style animated, and everyone gracing our screens.

It is brilliant.

Yes, I likely have already watched the trailer about four-hundred times since it was posted. But that probably does not surprise anyone in the least.


I have always been excited, thrilled and the meaning of optimistic for the new “DuckTales” series. (And that is saying a lot.) And I had even stated several times that I was going to reserve my judgments on the art-style and possible animation until after I seen everything together. Until we seen a trailer.

I truly did not believe it was possible; but I am finding myself even more excited and love with the new series with each and every-time I replay the video.

Time changes everything. A cliche and notable line you hear more periodically than not, despite having that desire to cringe at the back of your mind.

In this case it is true. One glance tells us things have changed. The world of Duckburg has changed. Moreover our characters have changed as a result of this different world they call their home.

This is clear with Scrooge. At the start we see him looking at what could be a shell of his former self. Alone and adventures only acting as distant memories of days prologue. His home is empty, treasures coated in dust and old newspapers littering his floors.

Seeing this only makes Louie’s words string, and give Scrooge that push to move forward once more and set his sights on adventure.

And Webby. She is so adorable and a pure fangirl. Seeing her fangirl over meeting the triplets was brilliant. Just with her commentary about just how big of a deal the McDuck/Duck family is brings a level of self-awareness to the series that I was not even expecting.

Scrooge’s narration, the scenes filled with action, the remarks about family  and Launchpad nearly crashing the plane (I wounder how many times in this canon that has happened). This is what makes “DuckTales” what it is. This is the heart.

Despite being more simplistic and even stylistic, I do like the animation of the series. Not sure why, but it just works.

Not only was this trailer about seeing the animation in action, but seeing the characters. Before we got to see the voice actors in the studio and heard some of the voices. But now we are really hearing Scrooge  Hearing and seen Webby.

In truth, I still dearly miss the original cast. And I have yet to make a firm stance of this cast. I just do not know what to think. I need to see and hear more before I can say that I hate it or love it.

But I look forward to making that choice, to seeing the series arrive this summer. Along with all the merch you just know will be coming. And the next chapter of the new series with season two coming in 2018.

Life will once more become a hurricane.


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