First Look at Upcoming “DuckTales” Reboot


So, so much fangirling…cannot even. First this bit of news and the latest episode of- well, that is another post.

Last February news broke that Disney’s “DuckTales” was set to be reboot. Since then there has been a continually constant amount of hype for the upcoming series. But since then there has been very minimal outside two visuals.

Now, after a wait that feels like it has been never-ending. We finally get some more solicited details- and a new visual.


And we finally get a look at Launchpad McQuack’s new character design. Finally!

Entertainment Weekly’s article we also learn that the series is eyeing a summer 2017 primer and that the first season will have twenty-one half-hour episodes in addition to that two one-hour specials.

Coupled with that Disney XD has posted a fifteen-second teaser trailer for the series- our first fully animated look at the series. Though we do not get to see any of our characters in action, it does get the heart pounding.

I am on cloud nine with the news. I have been going mad waiting to see some type of development for the series.

Though the art-style and new designs I do not mind too terribly much, I do reserve any real judgments until I can see it in action. Plus I am really glad to see Launchpad!

Summer has always been a very good season for me in terms of anime. There is always a lot of slice-of-life series part of the seasonal line-up. Even though I have no clue what all will be streaming that season, I do feel like “DuckTales” will be a great addition to what will likely be a long list of series.

Reboots are something that can go either way fast. And after watching the return of “Gilmore Girls” I do carry a level of skepticism at the idea. But the only feeling that occurs to me as I write this- and even think of the new series- is pure happiness and joy. For some reason I do feel good and confident about this.

Now knowing that it is coming in summer does make it more real for me. And also makes my bank account start to slowly whimper at the thought of all the merchandise that will be coming next fall.

I know that we only have a few mere weeks until the year is over. But now I so badly want 2017 to be here.







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