Miraculous Gets Season Two Date

Coming off the excitement of celebrating the first year anniversary of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (how has it been a year already?!). Jeremy Zag announced on his Instagram account that the highly anticipated second season will be released in May of 2017. Also, the webisodes for the series was noted to be coming next month, sometime in October.


With both the second season and the webisodes still being far off there is not a lot of finer official details to be had. But thanks to a recent interview from Lindalee Rose with Jeremy Zag, we have a better idea of not only what the next chapter will bring. But even the Christmas special and the script for the live-action film.

Like all fans of the series, I am beyond excited and took part of the #1YearofMiraculous celebration. I adore the series and have such a great deal of admiration and respect for ZAG as a company and everyone working to bring Miraculous and other stories to life.

I recall when I first wrote about the series over at my old site. Even though it has been over a year, my feelings have only grown stronger for the series. It has blown my mind just how brilliant the series is and how well it has been received. (Plus my animation fears have long since been dismissed. If anything Miraculous is single handily responsible for making me love CGI animation.)

There is not a single strain of questioning for both my love of the series and my desire to continually cover it as well as other ZAG properties. See keep a eye out here and BSCKids for news coverage.

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